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Xirance - Mercedes-Benz Pullman Armored Transport

Available through Xirance Defense Services - - Mercedes-Benz is proud to present a prestigious new luxury limousine the S 600 Pullman Guard with integrated Highest Protection. This new model is the latest in a long and unique tradition of large, armoured, prestige limousines from the world's oldest automaker. It was 80 years ago that Mercedes-Benz became the very first car brand to develop and manufacture Pullman limousines with special protection characteristics. Mercedes-Benz' unique wealth of experience as well as its role as a technical pioneer in the construction of prestigious special-protection limousines a role which has been demonstrated time and time again over the years puts the Stuttgart-based premium brand in a class of its own in this demanding segment. This is why governments, heads of state and royalty all over the world choose to make dignified progress in Mercedes-Benz limousines which are eminently worthy of the "Pullman" label.

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