Video - world's fastest diesel mercedes w123 300d

Videa Mercedes Benz W123 world's fastest diesel mercedes w123 300d

world's fastest diesel mercedes w123 300d

w123 mercedes custom fitted with supercharger and turbo charger with intercooler air to air and mobil oil cooler toooo and look at the donuts of this beauty,,, for the details on hwo this engine was modded go to here u can see the pics how he modded the car and hwo he installed the superchanger turbo intercooler clutch plate pressure plate exhaust piping NOS and mobil oil cooling system so for those of you who were thinking it is my benz ,,,nopes... it is mr.valtonen car he is from finland ,, and finland is pretty famous with w123 modifications there they modify MYNA pump with wider plunger and set them to deliver more diesel then stock ones.. enjoy the clip and i hope people would love to see the pics too thx .....

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