Video - [WIP] Preview of new Dutch package! + new ENB

Videa Mercedes Benz Atego [WIP] Preview of new Dutch package! + new ENB

[WIP] Preview of new Dutch package! + new ENB

This is a preview of an upcoming new Dutch emergency vehicle package for GTA 4. And at the same time a test for my new ENB settings. The package will include: VEHICLES: - VW Golf V Police (Areacar) - VW Passat Police (Responce vehicle) - VW Touareg Police (Diplomatic protection) - Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (Traffic accident analysis) - Ford F150 (Road manager) - Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Delfis Ambulance - Chevrolet Ambulance - Scania Fire dept (Platform) - Mercedes-Benz Atego Fire dept (Fire engine) - BMW 760i Politie (Arrestatieteam) PEDS: - AT-member, arrestatieteam-lid (special armed unit) - Fire chief - Fireman - Medic - Police officer - Traffic police officer These are not my mods and I do not claim them to be mine. I'm creating new repaints and will not use anyone else's without asking. The package will include the most realistic vehicles with my own repaints and all rights go to the creators of the mods, with all respect for they are all great mods! Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think! Enjoy, Pown3r88.

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