Video - W221 W216 Escort 9500ci distronic interface

Videa Mercedes Benz Vision CLS W221 W216 Escort 9500ci distronic interface

W221 W216 Escort 9500ci distronic interface

Midcity Engineering Distronic Interface with cluster display for W221 and W216, S and CL class Mercedes Benz vehicles. This interface keeps the distronic plus and blindspot assist systems fully active while eliminating the interference that a typical radar detector experiences with distronic plus. The interface allows full reception of X, K,Ka and Laser. Those messages will not be displayed in the cluster, however you can see in the demonstration that the Escort is picking up the K band signal from the sensors on the vehicle. This interface allows for a proper radar detector installation using the Escort 9500ci system without compromising any of the existing range detection systems currently existing on the vehicle and without compromising radar protection. 312.421.1114



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