Video - W124 BRABUS 3.6-24 (1991)

Videa Mercedes Benz W124 W124 BRABUS 3.6-24 (1991)

W124 BRABUS 3.6-24 (1991)

This is my W124 BRABUS 3.6-24 It is original delivered as a BRABUS from Mercedes with some Carlsson uptimazations. BRABUS engine M104.980 3.6-24 with 285Hp and 362Nm. on standart exhaust. Carlsson upgraded the Katalyst with a Sport Metal Dual Katalyst system and with the brabus mufler, this raises the engine output to 300 Hp and most important 402 Nm. Top speed with 5 speed automatic transmition is 272 Km/h. and 0-100 is reach in 5.9 Sek. This video is from 2006 I have had the engine upgraded futher since that in 2010. Tjek out the car at this web adress:

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