Video - Video Wall - Top 9 Videos Of 2011 - Jorrie2

Videa Mercedes Benz LP Video Wall - Top 9 Videos Of 2011 - Jorrie2

Video Wall - Top 9 Videos Of 2011 - Jorrie2

I present you: the Video Wall! This video is a overview of my personal Top 9 videos (10 didn't fit in the screen) of 2011! I made this video because the links are clickable and you may have forget one of the videos and would like to see them again. I also made it for my new subscribers who may have missed some of my videos! Thanks for all your support in 2011 and I wish you a very happy new year! Thanks for watching and please leave a comment! The ''Jorrie2 shirts'' are now available! You can also buy nice shirts/vests/sweaters without Jorrie2 logo. If you order something you always support me and they are not expensive! Please visit ATTENTION Please subscribe or send a friend request to my second channel! Channel: Recently uploaded: 2011 Overview! The best moments of 2011! - English Subtitled! Thanks for your help/support! Please add me as a friend on Facebook and you will always be up to date! -

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