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Unimog Unitrac

This my replica of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog Unitrac, built for the September 2011 Technic Challenge. It uses 2 battery boxes for power, 2 xl motors for driving the tracks, 2 medium motors and 2 linear actuators for tipping the beds, 1 xl motor for powering the 4 stroke engine and the air pump, 1 switch for activating the Power Trade-Off, 1 medium motor for powering the PTO which can power the winch or snowplow, 1 linear actuator for controlling the snowplow, 2 sets of lights for the head and tail lights, 1 NXT for controlling the arm, 1 NXT motor for pivotting the arm, 1 NXT motor for lowering the arm with a pneumatic switch and 2 cylinders, 1 NXT motor for opening the hand, 1 Ultrasonic sensor for detecting objects to grab, and 1 Light Sensor for sorting objects.

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