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Mercedes Unimog 2002 U500 For Sale $85000 with 24000 miles. 6.4 liter diesel Mercedes engine with 811 lbs torque. Three way tilt bed, 16000 lbs hydraulic Warn winch, cold weather modifications, good tire tread, CTIS with internal beadlocks, 28 gears through two transmissions, four wheel drive with three lockers, electropneumatic shifter, air brakes with engine and exhaust brake options, heated front windshield and side mirrors, power mirrors, vertical exhaust pipe, extra headlights for plowing, added soundproofing, Webasto cab heater with programmer, air suspension cab and seats, CD stereo radio with additional speakers, high speed axle, three batteries, hydraulic attachment points, bed locked storage box, reinforced 270 Amp alternator, hydraulic system, cold start system down to -30C, 70 mph axles. Build sheet available. See More at

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