Video - in Sclayn (Andenne)

Videa Mercedes Benz Unimog in Sclayn (Andenne) in Sclayn (Andenne)

Promotional film about Unimog freaks in Belgium on the most beautifull offroad track Chateau Chérimont at Sclayn (Andenne). Dutch language. Answers on the question: "Why driving a Unimog".

unimog, 4x4, offroad, mud, belgium, belgian, mercedes, peumans, joris, sclayn, Chateau, Chérimont



Délka: 7 minut : 11 sekund
Autor: PeumansJoris
Shlédnutí: 15 627 x
Hodnocení: 4.4 / 5   (9 x)