Video - Tribute to the Mercedes W124 series (1986-1995)

Videa Mercedes Benz W124 Tribute to the Mercedes W124 series (1986-1995)

Tribute to the Mercedes W124 series (1986-1995)

This, to me, was the very last legendary Mercedes that was hand built with a unlimited budget and won countless awards for 250350 and even 500K miles. Not when Mercedes used plastic radiators, water-based paint, and other cheap items that made them a bitch to have after 100K. For $38000 in 1986, or about $79000 right now BASE PRICE, you got lots great things. These were the real Mercedes. If I hear any W210 lover saying that the 96-02 E-class is better than these, go fuck your self Update September 21, 2011: The current W212 is the true successor to the W124. The build quality of that model is about on par with how these were. So if you want a good Mercedes, the new W212 is also quite a bulletproof creation! Enjoy! Hail to the W124!

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