Video - [Transit Link/Citybus JB] Mercedes Benz O405

Videa Mercedes Benz O 405 [Transit Link/Citybus JB] Mercedes Benz O405

[Transit Link/Citybus JB] Mercedes Benz O405

This video features the Mercedes Benz O405 of JB bus company, Citybus JB. These buses started out in life in Transit Link JB and they came in two types. The first type features a unique retro-style door system and is registered around 1995 - 1996. The second type does not have the retro-door system and features a more modest and modern door system. These buses are bodies by Hup Lee Coachbuilders and have ZF4HP500 gearboxes, coupled to a 246bhp OM447 hLA engine. Type 1s are hard to find and only two of them are on active duty. Type 2s are more easily spotted on most of Transit Link routes.

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