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Topmarques Mercedes Benz S-Class

" S-Class stands for the best car of the world." " We can all argue what is the best car in the world, but there's no argument that the S-Class is the best of the best from Mercedes Benz." " Every S-Class" " has each own character, but it is always recognizable as a Mercedes." " The name S-Class is an abbreviation of the German word" " Sonderklasse," " which means" " special class" " and while S-Class describes cars from as far back as the `50s, it doesn't become an official Mercedes model designation until 1973." " Every S-Class is a trendsetter, in terms of technology, of innovations, and the design. The smallest detail is very important. If you count all such small details together, that makes the Mercedes." " Details like developing an entirely new sound chamber using microphones mounted inside the 10-foot parabolic mirror to test the 170 different parts of the car that reduce noise and vibration." " Well, it's very important for me to touch the car because designing a car is to create a sculpture, and so you have to run with your hands over the car." " A special wind tunnel confirms what the human hand feels. With an aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.26, the new S-Class is as streamlined as a new Corvette." " So we have a clear line and a clear silhouette, and in combination with the big fenders here, I think it gives a car a forward drive. It makes it dynamic." " The S-Class is built in Germany, but it's shape, look, and feel are the work of 3 different Mercedes ...

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