Video - Thunderstorm Fire Callout, Queen St, 26 Aug 09

Videa Mercedes Benz Econic Thunderstorm Fire Callout, Queen St, 26 Aug 09

Thunderstorm Fire Callout, Queen St, 26 Aug 09

An impressive thunderstorm (one lighting bolt at 0:20) hit Aucks that night, setting off fire alarms all over the city. I caught Parnell 255 and Birkenhead 821 heading to a Queen St address, joined by St Heliers 241 in Auckland Central's old Scania, hardly recognizeable in its newly renovated state... That's Avondale 604 at the very beginning, investigating a call opposite the Skytower on Victoria St. Avondale 604: 2007 Scania P420 New Zealand Fire Service Auckland Region Pump / Aerial Parnell 255: 2007 Mercedes-Benz Econic 2633 32m Bronto Skylift Birkenhead 821 1998 Scania P94DB Pump St Heliers 241 1996 Scania P93ML Pump 26 August, 2009 Queen Street Auckland New Zealand Disclaimer: This YouTube channel is in no way associated with any of the organisations portrayed

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