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The Worlds Top 15 Unusual Coupe Cars

The Worlds Top 15 Unusual Coupe Cars Hyundai Veloster Turbo The launch of the radically-designed Hyundai Veloster Turbo, with it's 2+1 door configuration, has got us thi MINI Coupe The MINI Coupe is a sprightly little two-seater based on the chassis of the conventional MINI hatchback, but that roof means it looks anything but. The manufacturer's official line is it's modelled on a racing helmet now, not the backwards baseball cap metaphor it originally used. Lexus LF-LC The Lexus LF-LC scooped the gong of top design concept at the recent 2012 Detroit Motor Show thanks to a one-piece 'glass-to-glass' sliding roof design. To create a cantilevered windscreen, roof and rear screen must have taken some serious engineering... Honda Z Coupe The Honda Z was a quirky little (and we do mean little) coupe that was powered by an unusual 354cc or 600cc air-cooled two cylinder engine, which both featured a fan belt running in two different planes and at 90° to each other Saab 96 The recently extinct Saab brand made some unusual vehicles, none more so than the 96. An evolution of the 92 - which featured a body stamped out of one piece of steel - the 96 was powered by a 750cc three-cylinder two-stroke engine then later an equally unusual 1.5-litre V4 motor. Ford Pinto With the Pinto one unusual design feature stood out from the rest for all the wrong reasons. It was found that in a rear end impact the fuel tank's positioning meant it could be punctured all too easily, causing the car to ...



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