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The Latest Benz SLK-350

Please visit: or Back in 1996 the first SLK was a distinctive affair, with it's roadster layout and a hard convertible roof. It offered a combination that the market did not have; a open top sports roadster and a hard top coupe, but it's been 15 years already, other brands like BMW and VW have been making different variants of the hard top convertible. With this new SLK, has it got what it takes to stay on top. The first thing you notice is that the styling was given a musculin make over. It has a much stronger sense of aggression in its styling. There are resembulance with the big brother SLS, but given that the SLS feels more like a cruiser, the SLK feels more versatile for different occasion. The new sculpled headlights and front grille, pronounces the stance of the SLK. With the roof up or down, the proportion of the car is perfect. It doesn't feel nose heavy like the Beemer, the body and rear has a beautiful ratio like a fit female figure. It is very diffcult to get the figure right for a convertible, with all things considered, roof up or down, my god it looks beautiful. We're testing the SLK 350 Blue Efficiency, V6 engine 3500cc. Power Output 306hp, 370 Nm of torque. 0-100km/h is done in 5.6s. Please do this car a justice, switch that ECO mode off. Once you get pass the start -- stop traffic (which there is a lot in Hong Kong), unleash the "modest" power and torque, you find youelf driving a car that is totally in a different era to ...

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