Video - SMRT's Mercedes O405 (TIB771R) on Service 307

Videa Mercedes Benz O 307 SMRT's Mercedes O405 (TIB771R) on Service 307

SMRT's Mercedes O405 (TIB771R) on Service 307

First part of video features a car accident. INFO This bus is a Converted Air-Con (CAC) bus which means this bus previously is Non Air-Conditioned or NAC for short. Here showing TIB771R, which is previously a permanent bus for Service 307 last year, does this service once again today (Aug) for that day only. Fleet registration numbers for these type of buses are TIB725A - TIB797S. This bus no longer become a permanent bus on Service 307 because Service 307 is now a WAB (Wheelchair Accessible-Bus) service while this type of buses are not WAB-certified. New buses are then replaced these buses which are WAB-certified. They are also known as OC500LE. This bus is equipped with ZF4HP500 gearbox. Enjoy!~ Thx for watching! - SMB92U

SMRT, SMRT 0405, O405 ZF, ZF transmission, Service 307, 307, 307E, ZF4HP500, TIB771R, yt:stretch=16:9



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