Video - SMRT Mercedes-Benz O530 (Citaro) SMB139U - 962

Videa Mercedes Benz Citaro SMRT Mercedes-Benz O530 (Citaro) SMB139U - 962

SMRT Mercedes-Benz O530 (Citaro) SMB139U - 962

After 3 days from the release of SMRT Mercedes Benz Citaro, SMB139U finally did on 962 on the 4th day! Most of the parts in the interior were different from what you saw on the demonstrator, SMB136C, who is currently not in service. Not only SMB139U were put on road, but SMB140P to SMB147X too. SMB139U happens to be a training bus for Woodlands Depot to train new SMRT Service Leader for Citaro, while SMB140P to SMB143G currently serving Woodlands Depot services 75. SMB144D till SMB147X were from Ang Mio Kio Depot, which mostly serves RWS8 Staff etc. Lets now take a ride on the SMRT latest release bus, the Mercedes-Benz Citaro on 962! Do also note that this bus is doing a breakdown replacement and was drove by Mr Koh, a SMRT service leader that was featured on Channel 8 show.

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