Video - SMRT Mercedes Benz O530 Citaro (Production Units)

Videa Mercedes Benz Citaro SMRT Mercedes Benz O530 Citaro (Production Units)

SMRT Mercedes Benz O530 Citaro (Production Units)

In March 2010, SMRT introduced a Mercedes Benz Citaro O530 to be on trial for a year. The bus claims to be the first 100 percent low-floor bus to meet the stringent Euro-V emission standards in South East Asia and is also wheelchair accesible. With an adjustable driving dashboard and seating for 39 people, the bus addresses the many complaints that commuters have made on earlier Wheelchair Accesible Single Deckers which spots a rather tall rear staircase due to the chassis design and also the lack of seats. The demostrater unit was registered as SMB136C and introduced on Service 855 that same month. SMRT also launched a public feedback campaign in conjunction with the trial to gauge the opinions of the bus made by the public. SMRT then announced in January their purchase of 10 units of the Citaro. They are believed to be fitted with a more powerful 11-litre engine, following feedback from drivers and commuters for the lack of power. The demostrater unit came with a 6-litre engine. The buses arrived from Germany in February and were registered in March 2011. They were introduced on Services 75, 531 and RWS8 on 21 March 2011. SMRT will be introducing 119 more buses by the end of the year which is assumed by many to come from MAN or Mercedes Benz.

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