Video - [SMRT] Mercedes Benz Citaro Demonstrator SMB136C Complete Showcase

Videa Mercedes Benz Citaro [SMRT] Mercedes Benz Citaro Demonstrator SMB136C Complete Showcase

[SMRT] Mercedes Benz Citaro Demonstrator SMB136C Complete Showcase

Maxson Goh Films the SMRT Mercedes Benz Citaro demonstrator SMB136C on service 855. The red seats are very unique and comfortable. during the ride, one of the Ez Link card readers fell off and smashed onto the floor. The Citaro demonstrator, SMB136C, was launched in a well-publicized ceremony on 9 March 2010. It was marketed as the first 100% low-floor bus in South-East Asia (though a few earlier models, such as the Volvo B10TL, already have this feature). As with thousands of other units around Europe, the Citaro was completely built up by EvoBus (rather than a local assembly/bodywork) including its interior features. This meant that this Citaro would have little difference from the ones introduced in European design other than the company livery, such as conventional sliding doors at the exit. Operating under a one-year trial, this second-generation Citaro (distinguished by its face-lifted exterior front) utilizes the OM906hLA engine and is fitted with a 6-gear ZF 6HP592C Ecomat automatic transmission. It is also the first bus to feature EDS by Gorba AG (which is common for buses in Hong Kong). SMB136C began revenue service exactly a week after its launch ceremony, serving on service 855. *info from* If exotic cars are your thing, Photos of Exotic Cars can be found at my Facebook page. Please like for photos of Exotic cars, updated regularly!



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