Video - Smart Roadster ABS ESP Airbag Computer Failure

Videa Mercedes Benz Smart Smart Roadster ABS ESP Airbag Computer Failure

Smart Roadster ABS ESP Airbag Computer Failure

I made the video in Turkish to send the main dealer as a preview of what's going on with the car. The steering wheel and ECU were replaced with new ones, nothing changed. I think it's caused by a super low quality wiring loom, but I couldn't get any of the dealers search for the problem, they just love changing easy parts that cost an arm and a leg. I'm going to contact Mercedes-Benz Turkey main dealer, I hope they'll listen to me and spend some time on the car. The car is probably around 25.000 kms at the moment. This weird error only happens at tempratures below 17-18 degrees C. Never had one in the summer. Airbag error is something else, I think it's wiring loom related too. If any of you Smart people had the same, or a similar problem, please post it here.

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