Video - Smart Festival 2009 (Beta Version)

Videa Mercedes Benz Smart Smart Festival 2009 (Beta Version)

Smart Festival 2009 (Beta Version)

Smarts Arrived In The UK Ten Years Ago lets celebrate ! On Saturday, 4th September, 2009 ...why not spend the day taking-in all the smart displays, competitions - and the myriad of live entertainment on offer at Mercedes Benz World too ? It is also a chance for 'your smart' to become a superstar in our next smart festival video (which will be put together after the show) with yourself and of course any lucky passengers too ! You can't miss me, I'll be that good looking guy wandering around taking awesome smartfotos so don't be shy - please come over and ask to be included in this years video clips. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of still shots I took last year at the smart festival for a major car magazine - spotlighting many of the smartest people ...and their cars ! Paul Weller, Photo-Journalist SmartFotos.EU, UK Operations

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