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smart Cold Weather Tyres

Mercedes-Benz has further enhanced its commitment to road safety by launching a cold weather tyre programme to support motorists in the snowy and icy conditions. Made from higher levels of silica, the cold weather tyres offer enhanced grip, while their different tread patterns also help to maintain better contact with the road at lower temperatures. Motorists now have the option of buying the tyres for all current Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles and they are available from the manufacturer's retailers and Official Workshops. Mike Belk, Managing Director of Customer Service for Mercedes-Benz UK, explained: "Mercedes-Benz is committed to safety and the safety benefits of using the correct tyre in adverse conditions are obvious, with years of evidence available in mainland Europe. "They give enhanced performance whatever the cold road conditions. The costs of running cold weather tyres are offset with the additional life given to regular tyres and indeed can be entirely recouped if they enable the driver to avoid even one minor icy accident." Shorter stopping distances are just one benefit of cold weather tyres, with motorists travelling at 20 miles per hour in icy conditions able to stop 11 metres quicker than if using a standard tyre.

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