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Videa Mercedes Benz Smart Smart Car Test Drive

Smart Car Test Drive

My friend Franklyn (Paul) tries out the Smart Car for the first time at the Smart Car Center, Cerritos, California. Special thanks to Harout Boyadjian (Brand Manager, Smart Car Center, Cerritos) for allowing me to video tape Franklyn's experience. Neither Franklyn (Paul) nor myself work for Smart OR receive any compensation for making this video. Franklyn (Paul) Passmore III is an actor who plays both Santa, a homeless person, and other parts. He has appeared in several TV Shows and Movies: NOTE: Those of you who post STUPID comments like, "The Smart Car Is A Death Trap", please do your homework first. The Smart Car has proven itself over and over to stand up to accidents and protect the driver. Smart Car Safety FAQ: Smart Car Safety Design: First Institute crash tests of Smart car: diminutive two-seater earns top ratings for protecting people in front & side crashes Smart puts 'high level of safety into very small package' Smart Car Offers Drivers New High MPG Option, Top Crash Rating Accounts from those who were in accidents: Watch how it holds up in a crash: Read how users like that car: Additional Smart Car Safety Facts:

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