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Sketch it quick! - Mercedes Benz CLS

Learn how to draw a quick sketch of a Mercedes Benz CLS (W218). You should be able to do it in around 6 minutes once you understand the proportions. The idea is to create a quick sketch that captures the essence of the car and its proportions, not a photo realistic illustration of the car. The wheelbase used for this sketch is 3 wheels long, the front overhang is 3/4 of a wheel long and the and rear overhang is one wheel long. The roof line is around 1 and 3/4 wheels tall (measured from the ground). Take a look at how the relevant points that dictate the car's proportions (where the windshield starts, where the rear of the car starts and ends, etc) are placed relative to the wheels drawn at the beginning. It's all about joining those points correctly, with either straight, concave or convex lines. From 7:46 on, the video is fast forwarded, because by that point the basic shape was already done, and from then on all I did was basically clean up the sketch and then color it.



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