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Short Film: Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG

.- Choose another review -MERCEDES-BENZ CL AMG COUPE AMGMERCEDES-BENZ CL AMG COUPE AMG What Car? Says For The CL is an awesomely comfortable luxury coupé with loads of style and deep reserves of power in every model. Against It costs an awful lot just to get behind the wheel of a CL, and the bills don't stop there. Not as good as the S-Class saloon it's based on. Verdict A highly accomplished tourer with impressive pace and comfort, but it's very costly to buy and run. Performance 5 Fast, superfast or outright ballistic Ride & Handling 4 Great for such a big, heavy car Refinement 5 The CL is suitably smooth and quiet Buying & Owning 3 Very pricey, but will CL buyers care? Quality & Reliability 4 Quality materials well bolted together Safety & Security 5 Everything you could wish for and more Behind the Wheel 5 Comfortable with easy controls Quality & Reliability 4 Generous, and a massive boot, too Equipment 4 Plenty of treats and toys for your money . . The new Mercedes CL-Coupe is the epitome of luxury and elegance, building on the successful design of the original CL and finished to the highest standards the Mercedes CL-Coupe is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. The new sleeker design includes a more tapered bonnet, broader shoulders and integrated rear tailpipes, for a car that is both effortlessly stylish and satisfyingly sporty. Inside the cabin sumptuous leather upholstery and finely crafted wood trim ensure you and your passengers know you're somewhere ...

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