Video - Sarah Stephens' Sexy Campaign, Mercedes SLS AMG GT - 06.06.12

Videa Mercedes Benz SLS Sarah Stephens' Sexy Campaign, Mercedes SLS AMG GT - 06.06.12

Sarah Stephens' Sexy Campaign, Mercedes SLS AMG GT - 06.06.12

First up, if you don't know who Sarah Stephens is, you may very well following the latest Agent Provocateur lingerie campaign. The stunning 21-year-old model recently posed for a small treasure trove of images for their latest collection. All we can say is wow. This could be just the thing to help Sarah Stephens' career along. Plucked from obscurity in 2006 after winning Girlfriend magazine's model search, Stephens has gone on to pose for Victoria's Secret, Levi's, GQ, Diesel, you name it. She also appeared in 2009's Solitary Man with Michael Douglas. We're expecting a lot more from this Australian beauty. What do you guys think - is Sarah Stephens destined to become a household name? Next up, it's the excuse we've heard a million times - "I'd love to go running, but I'd rather go with a partner." Well, Australian researchers have developed the perfect companion for you relentless excusemakers. Introducing... the Joggobot! The Joggobot is a Parrot AR Drone equipped with a camera that uses a pattern on the jogger's shirt to maintain a constant distance ahead of them. This means when you run, the Joggobot runs with you and when you run out of gas, it'll land and wait for you. And no, you can't program the Joggobot to chase you around. Its creators felt that would make people uncomfortable. But don't worry, there'll be plenty of time for us to be chased by robots in the future... And finally, Mercedes just released preview ...

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