Video - RWR Mercedes Actros Cement Mixer from Matchbox

Videa Mercedes Benz Actros RWR Mercedes Actros Cement Mixer from Matchbox

RWR Mercedes Actros Cement Mixer from Matchbox

LOTS OF INFO HERE! Sorry for the typo in the intro. ACTROS, not Astros. Here is the 2007 Mercedes Actros Cement Mixer in the early packages that still show the Real Working Rigs label on the pack! I also show some of the other RWR's that I have in my collection. But first off, a little discussion about the scales of the models, such as 1:64. As for the dates, it is confusing but the model is a 2007 Mercedes Actros Cement Mixer, copyrighted in 2008 by Mattel, but actually released in the stores in 2009. The Matchbox City Service Station (2011) was reviewed here: 1:50 Mercedes-Benz Actros Cement Mixer from 2009 singles 5:04 Colet K/30 Jaguar from 2010 singles 5:17 Stryker M1128 MGS from 2012 singles 5:23 Oshkosk HEMTT A4 from 2010 5:29 Kenworth T800 from 2009 singles 5:42 International Workstar 7500 Dumptruck from 2009 singles 5:52 GMC T8500 Airport Truck from 2011 singles 6:00 International Durastar 4400 from 2009 singles 6:30 Pierce Velocity Aerial Platform Fire Truck from 2011 Mission Force Fire Crew 4-Pack 6:39 Buffalo MPCV from 2012 singles



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