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Mercedes-Benz, a company whose reputation for innovation has been somewhat overshadowed in recent years, has just staked out a new piece of territory. The 2011 Mercedes S400 hybrid is, in my opinion, the finest hybrid car available, and makes fewer compromises than any alternative-fuel vehicle we've seen to date. Mercedes calls it a "light hybrid." It's the first regular-series production car in the world with a lithium-ion battery, the same kind used in a cell phone or a laptop, and a different animal altogether from the nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries used in pretty much every other hybrid. That allows the battery pack to be so small and compact that is mounted up front, in the engine compartment. Most hybrids mount their batteries in the rear of the car, cramping rear-seat room or trunk space (or both). So, the S400 has a full-size rear seat and a full-size trunk. It's also equipped with a 7-speed automatic, not a CVT like most other hybrids. That makes it feel more like a 'real' car and less like a hybrid. There's truly too much to list about this car, so check out my video and watch for a full article soon! —Ross Rapoport, Road Test Editor and Video Host Visit for more pictures and a downloadable window sticker. Vehicle 2011 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid Base Price: $91000 Price as tested: $102115 Engine: 3.5L V6, "mild hybrid" (lithium-ion powered electric motor) Transmission: 7-speed automatic Horsepower: 295 @ 6000 rpm Torque: 284 lb.-ft @ 5000 rpm ...

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