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RENNtech Modified World's Fastest Mercedes Benz

On April 1, 2011, RENNtech regained their long standing title of worlds fastest Mercedes Benz. Our RENNtech modified CL65, which held the long standing previous record once again reigned supreme by shattering its previous best quarter mile time with an unprecedented run of 10.27 @ 137.46 mph at Palm Beach International Raceway. This official time makes our CL 65 the fastest Mercedes on the planet. The previous record of 10.51 @ 135.11 mph, also held by RENNtech's CL65, was broken just last week by a C63 running 125 shot of nitrous which logged a 10.41 @ 135.27 mph run on 3/25/2011. Not one to be bested and looking to regain the title; RENNtech went back to work in search of even more from the CL 65 with further improvements and without the use of nitrous. Modifications to the CL 65 included an even more aggressive race only tune, enhanced drive line modifications such as upgraded transmission internals and a prototype torque converter and additional light weighted vehicle components. These are in addition to the already installed RENNtech modified ECU/TCU, carbon airbox, limited slip differential, high flow exhaust, drag radials, modified heat exchanger and intercooler pump. RENNtech CL 65 QUARTER MILE BREAKDOWN * 60

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