Video - Relax - Brush-Cleaning Model Car CLK DTM (ASMR)

Videa Mercedes Benz DTM Relax - Brush-Cleaning Model Car CLK DTM (ASMR)

Relax - Brush-Cleaning Model Car CLK DTM (ASMR)

Relax with some brushing as I detail my model Mercedes CLK DTM car to make sure it's nice and sparkling clean and dust-free. I also open the hood to brush the engine, and there is some louder brushing starting around 13:10 with the textured base. This sounded a lot louder to me than it turned out in the video, sorry about that. Guess it's time to start looking at cameras with better microphones. But I hope you enjoy the new brushes I used :) This is the car that won the DTM championship in 2000, and most of us racing game players know it as a very fast, nice handling car ("corners like it's on rails"). Not bad looking either :)

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