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Videa Mercedes Benz SLS RamSpeed Mercedes Benz SLS 6.3 AMG Coupe

RamSpeed Mercedes Benz SLS 6.3 AMG Coupe - In this video RamSpeed Australia showcases a Mercedes SLS 6.3 AMG Coupe. Upgrades include engine ECU tuning for additional power increase, special adjustable suspension lift kit for front and rear installed, see time lapse of the car transforming from standard to a brutal and more edgy look. The exhaust tips on the SLS AMG have been blacked out as have several other original chrome components. RamSpeed in Sydney Australia have also done all of the cosmetics work with carbon fibre and other custom enhancements. First Mercedes SLS AMG tuned in Australia. ECU Power Tuning by CALL US for pricing and further details 1800 887 930 RamSpeed also offers various exhausts, body kits, suspensions, wheels, engine power and brakes for Mercedes Benz SLS For more completed projects by RamSpeed please visit http

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