Video - Pimp Fire on YouTube in a Maybach

Videa Mercedes Benz MAYBACH Pimp Fire on YouTube in a Maybach

Pimp Fire on YouTube in a Maybach

Now even web pimps can place a little fire on their website of choice. with this Mercedes Benz Maybach fireplace It is perfect for MySpace and Friendster. You could even add it to a blog. Weather you are just sprucing up your site or having a romantic moment this fire is here for you. Video Fireplace Warm Winter soundtrack birch logs Natural hiss and crackle sound of a real fire withoiut the mess. Perfect for your iPod, flat screen tv, a computer, or portable dvd player. Create a toasty atmosphere for: Thanksgiving, Christmas,New Years, and other holiday gatherings. Please enjoy Get it while it is hot! My "Fire on YouTube" This is aPhotoBen750 production done the Studio-Way. Credit To: pcaeldries Thanks for the fire sounds. A PhotoBen750 production done the Studio-Way. -------------------------

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