Video - Painting the Merdedes-Benz Silver Arrows

Videa Mercedes Benz W02 Painting the Merdedes-Benz Silver Arrows

Painting the Merdedes-Benz Silver Arrows

Ever since 1934, Mercedes-Benz racing cars have been painted silver. And the MGP-W02, this season's MERCEDES GP PETRONAS Formula One car, is no exception. The painting process begins at the Mercedes-Benz Design Centre in Sindelfingen, Germany, with the 'power wall' - a life size animated wall that allows colours to be displayed in fine detail at a range of different lights, to make the right choices. The painting itself takes place in Brackley, in specially built studios where experts ensure the finish is both consistent and ultra-lightweight. This VNR includes exclusive interviews with the experts involved in the process and both MERCEDES GP PETRONAS drivers, as well as exclusive pictures of the process in action.

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