Video - Old Time Monaco GP 1936,37

Videa Mercedes Benz W25 Old Time Monaco GP 1936,37

Old Time Monaco GP 1936,37

Immediately before WWII,GP scenes dominated by Mercedes Benz. W125 was the most succesful machine, a brilliant performance was shown by Ace driver Rudi Caracciora. Only Autounion P-Wargen(TypeD) or fantastic great Italian driver Tazio Nuvorali registed the Silver Arrow. The battle between Caracciola & Nuvorali is similar to Senna & Mansell in 1992. '36 winner Rudi was called "Regnen Meister = Rain Master"same as Senna. '37 winner Von Brauchitsch is the 2nd driver.He made the Neubauer=Team Director mad to run disregarding the team order. History repeats itself. Hey,Lewis!What Ron says need not be heard!

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