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New trucks Mercedes-Benz Actros

This year we negotiated a contract with Mercedes-Benz. We are glad to inroduce our first ten tractors of this legendary brand to you. Tractors of the Actros line are able to handle every challenge, no matter how peculiar the cargo is, or how far it goes. The advantages of Actros from Mercedes-Benz are obvious: efficient transmission configuration presence of fuel-saving units: controlled air compressors, optimized pneumatic control, water pump with two-level automatic control, etc. fuel-saving aerodynamics Long life tyres optimized for low fuel consumption Long-run engine equipped with BlueTec technology which allows efficient compliance with the Euro5 requirements The truck tractor Acros is mentioned among the Guinness Wold Records as "the world's most fuel-efficient tractor". We constantly renew and upgrade our vehicle fleet in order to ensure the highest quality of our services.



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