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New Mercedes Benz SLK leaked promo video

Moscow Racer Times | A promo video of the new Mercedes SLK small roadster has "leaked" to the Net. Indeed, everyone`s sure the trailer was leaked deliberately by Mercedes PR guyz, but still its news. In fact, we`re talking about restyling rather than an all-new model: same body, mostly same interior and same engines. But the supercar SLS-style front end and still almighty 5,5 liter, 422 supercharged V8 make this "small, light and short" (Sportlich, Leicht, Knackig-kurz) Mercedes baby-roadster a very formidable sportscar. The retractable metal roof still makes the SLK an extremely talented. all-weather vehicle: drive it as a cabriolet for summer, and as a hard-top coupe in winter and rain. Plus, now a special glass Magic Sky Control roof is available, with adjustable transparency (it is black while the car`s on the parking, but can be made transparent with one push of a button, thanks to liquid crystal technology integrated in the glass roof). Also the new SLK got the AirScarf technology familiar with E-class cabriolet`s one, which creates an area of warm air around the driver`s and the passenger`s necks while driving with open roof. More new features include adaptive headlights and cruise control, the latter able to slow the vehicle to full stop if a collision is going to happen. The roadster is about to go to sale in the following months, probably for the same price as the outgoing model.

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