Video - New Mercedes-Benz Antos IAA 2012 Highlights

Videa Mercedes Benz CLK New Mercedes-Benz Antos IAA 2012 Highlights

New Mercedes-Benz Antos IAA 2012 Highlights

As an automotive pioneer, Mercedes-Benz continues to shape the future of transport. At the Mercedes-Benz stand in Hall 14/15, learn about an extensive range of vehicles and experience new standards in technology, innovations and services. As a highlight of this year's International Motor Show, we are unveiling the new Antos - a completely new class of truck specially designed to meet the various requirements in heavy-duty distribution transport. Experience a new dimension in long-distance haulage with the new Actros. Perfectly adapted to future requirements, the "Truck of the Year 2012" impresses with outstanding driving comfort, excellent overall economy and improved driving dynamics. Both model series boast new assistance systems including the new Active Brake Assist 3, which can also trigger emergency braking on detecting stationary obstacles. Take the opportunity to participate in our live demonstration at the test site. For further information or to purchase tickets, visit the official IAA website by clicking on the link below.



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