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New 2013 Toyota iQ EV (Slides)

Toyota's engineers have been involved in Electric Vehicle (EV) research and development for over 40 years, since 1971. Developed in parallel with the company's pioneering full Hybrid (HV), Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and Fuel Cell (FCV) vehicles, the EV represents Toyota's long-term vision for short range sustainable mobility. The company's readily adaptable Hybrid Synergy Drive® platform serves as the core technology for all of its advanced powertrain applications, based on specific usage patterns: EV for city driving, PHEV for city/mid distance use, HV for mid distance driving and FCV for long distance use. Key to EV development are the battery and motor control systems that Toyota has created and fine-tuned through the broad technological base of its hybrid vehicle programme. To date, Toyota has developed several types of EV, including a two-passenger concept- the e-com, an SUV- the RAV4 EV, and several FT-EV concept cars. First unveiled at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show, the e-com shared much of its EV technology and powertrain components with the larger RAV4 EV. Producing zero emissions, it could run at speeds of up to 100 km/h for approximately 100 km on a single charge. By 2000, Toyota had a fleet of around 30 e-coms in use in Japan. By 1995, Toyota was already highly focused on bringing a viable electric vehicle to the market. Its first generation RAV4 EV represented the successful culmination of all the company had learned over the previous 24 years. Indeed, the first ...



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