Video - New 2013 Range Rover (Slides)

Videa Mercedes Benz LP New 2013 Range Rover (Slides)

New 2013 Range Rover (Slides) The new transformation of the Range Rover is due to be released to North American customers this December. Said to be the final production model for the lavish SUV, the Range Rover will be in high demand considering this, and its luxury redesign. The 2013 Range Rover was rethought at a new manufacturing facility in the UK, which used energy efficient construction technologies to craft the new all aluminum unibody. The aluminum redesign of the body and engine has made the Range Rover 926lbs lighter than previous models. With a lighter body and aluminum 5 liter V8, the SUV boasts better fuel efficiency and emissions, while performance is also increased. Improved handling, suspension, increased cabin room, and noise reduction technologies ensures the 2013 Range Rover goes out on top.



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