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New 2012 Bmw 650i COUPE

On the heels of the the BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept which debuted earlier this year at the Paris auto show is the production-ready version of the 2012 BMW 650i Convertible. It looks very much like the Concept Coupe sans fixed roof, and BMW seems fully prepared to make the new 6 the technological showcase the Concept promises. Starting with a redesigned chassis, the new 6 is 2.9 inches longer both overall and in wheelbase, 1.5 inches wider, and less than half-an-inch shorter in height. Weight change information hasn't been released, but several steps have been taken to lighten the big tourer. The front fenders, roof cover, and trunk lid are composite, while the doors, hood, and front shock towers all are constructed from aluminum. All those body panels represent what BMW calls "athletic elegance and natural sportiness." The lines that start at the hood and flow backward are inspired by the waves pushing off the bow of a motorboat. Whatever the inspiration, the new 6 has a more classic look that should age much more gracefully than the previous flame-surfaced design. Technology is going to be the real party trick that sells the new 6. It's loaded to the gills with electronics like Driving Dynamic Control, which allows the driver to dial in how the car responds with throttle mapping, steering assist, damping, stability, and traction control. It will also be equipped with BMW's new ConnectedDrive, which boasts features like Auto High Beam control, lane departure warning system ...

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