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My Mercedes-Benz W123 Coupé

Inspired by Kent Bergsma's outstanding videos on Mercedes-Benz "Young Classics" W123 chassis, I decided to create and upload an own short video of my Mercedes-Benz, an icon gold colored 230 C from 1978. (first series / mark 1) She (her name is Gloria) was in a mint condition when I "bumped into her" at a classic car meeting and needed no restoration, just some very few easy fixes on upcoming rust. If you are interested in buying, restoring or maintenance work on older Mercedes models, especially those wonderful W123 chassis, be sure to check out Kent Bergsma's videos first - he's a real expert and a terrific instructor. Thumbs up, Kent! Keep it up! Stay tuned for part 2 - there is another beauty waiting in the shade of my garage, waiting for all of you to admire: a "cactus green" 1981 W123 sedan, Ondine. She needed just a little bit more TLC than Gloria but now they are on a par. I hope you enjoy this video. And don't forget to check out Kent's channel: mercedessource

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