Video - Mugen Tournament: Kojuro Strength Challenge

Videa Mercedes Benz O 402 Mugen Tournament: Kojuro Strength Challenge

Mugen Tournament: Kojuro Strength Challenge

Alright guys. This is what going on in this vid. After he defeated Vergil he crossed the lake of lava to find the Champion but 4 enemies stood in his way. He defeated all of them and then asked for a stronger challenge. The champion's strongest Fist fighter appeared and accepted the challenge. Now if He can defeat the fist fighter, he will finally have his hands on the champion. And the tournament will end. By the way this a AI Controlled 1 v 4 turn battle and afterwards a singles match. All of the opponents are as follows: 1) The Hulk 2)Infinite Alex 3)Segalow 4)Rugal Bernstein 5)Ex Snow And add me on Facebook at And follow me on Twitter at Those are my personal pages And dont forget to like comment and subscribe!

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