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Videa Mercedes Benz O 408 mm2


Truck over 7,5t Container/Swap body chassis Gross weight: 26.000 kg Payload: 13.285 kg Engine/driveline: emission class: Euro 5, power output: 408 hp Chassis/suspension: suspension: air, wheel base: 4.800 mm Body/superstructure: loading length: 7.000 mm 2-way loudspeaker, 26.0-tonner, AdBlue tank, 95 l, Air conditioning system, Air suspension, rear axle, BlueTec 5 (Euro 5), Bumper, steel version, Cab rear wall with window, Cab rear wall, straight, CD-radio, Cruise control, Disc brakes on front and rear axle, Driver's comfort suspension seat, Grammer, Engine, V6, LA, 300 kW/408 hp, 1800 rpm, Front axle 8.0 t, Front mirror, aerodynamic, Front spring, 8,0 t, Immobiliser, with transponder, M-cab, Main tank, 400 l, steel, On-Board Diagnosis 2, with NOx check, Pollen filter, Power windows for driver's/co-driver's door, Pre-installation for toll tracing, distance-based,material p, Provision for fitting CB radio, PSM, body and trailer CAN, ISO 11992, PTO, layshaft MB 131-2c, Roof hatch/vent, roof, Sun visor, exterior, transparent, Telligent braking system with ABS and ASR, Telligent gearshift system II, Trailer brake, 2-line, brake connections, left, Trailer coupling G 150, Transmission G 240-16/11.7-0.69, Transmission oil cooling, Vmax 30 km/h,engag.+rev.shift lock,disposal veh., Weight variant 27.0 t (8.0/9.5/9.5), Wheel arrangement 6x4, Wheelbase 4800 mm, Windows, tinted, without sun filter, Aufbau: Palfinger Pallift T20, Axle configuration:6x2/4 Emission class:Euro 5 ...

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