Video - Mitsubishi Lancer FMVSS Rear Impact (FIT)

Videa Mercedes Benz O 402 Mitsubishi Lancer FMVSS Rear Impact (FIT)

Mitsubishi Lancer FMVSS Rear Impact (FIT)

HIC Values: Front-Rear 152-249 A 1395 kg 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer 4-Door Sedan was impacted from the rear by a 1799 kg moving barrier at a velocity of 48.00 Km/h (29.83 mph). The test was performed by KARCO Engineering, LLC on August 19, 2005. The vehicle was prepared and tested following the Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance Test Procedure for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 301R (OVSC TP-301-03, dated February 28., 2003). There was no fuel system fluid spillage following the impact event or during any portion of the static rollover test. The maximum longitudinal crush was 402 millimeters. The vehicle appeared to comply with all the requirements of FMVSS No. 301 Fuel System Integrity.

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