Video - MIAMI CAR SPOTTING - "leftovers"

Videa Mercedes Benz MAYBACH MIAMI CAR SPOTTING - "leftovers"

MIAMI CAR SPOTTING - "leftovers"

This is Jamboolio's final Miami car video from the 2011 trip. These are cars that didn't make it to the "main" Miami videos, but I thought I'd share them with you guys. There's still unbelievably cool rides like Porsches, Rolls´, BMWs, Mercs, Ferraris, Astons etc. Jamboolio's next "big" car spotting trip will take place in spring 2012 to London, UK. So make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to Jamboolio's Channel, cos there's a lot more to come! Thanks to all my viewers! Location: Miami, FL USA Watch in High Definition (1080p HD). Please rate (thumbs up!) & comment. SUBSCRIBE! PHOTOS: Follow Jamboolio on TWITTER:

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