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Mercedes W124 Speciel Tuned

Some nice tuned Mercs! there was many tuning companys, there tuned the legendary W124, like BRABUS, Carlsson and WALD. BRABUS and Carlsson are both from Germany, but many think Carlsson are from Sweden, maybe because of the name. WALD Is a japanese tuning campany, not so pupular in Europe, most BRABUS are known. Most of the tuned W124 here in this video are with a V8 engine, the fastet is the BRABUS E65 with 460 HP. In 1993 Mercedes start the production of the E60 AMG, there original was a E500 W124, normally has a E500 326 HP, but after it has been to a E60 AMG, has it 386 HP. If you ask me are the E60 AMG W124 the best AMG ever built! because the W124 was the last car with real Mercedes quality. My dream car are the E60 AMG, i hope i will own one a day! - Dont forget to comment, and tell me if you like the video Honors for this video #99 Most viewed (Today)) - Auto & Vehicles - Germany (2 July) #49 Top Rated (Today)) - Auto & Vehicles - Germany (2 July)

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