Video - Mercedes W111 Finnie & Volkswagen Beetle Car Chase

Videa Mercedes Benz W110 Mercedes W111 Finnie & Volkswagen Beetle Car Chase

Mercedes W111 Finnie & Volkswagen Beetle Car Chase

Car chase scene with a Volkswagen Beetle being chased by a black Mercedes W111 (or W112 maybe?) Fintail Sedan. Classic camp 60's film making at its finest - two quintessential British baddies (one gay toff, one fat Benny hill) in a black car vs. the good guys in the white car - with very realistic in car driving scenes and certainly no over exaggerated steering wheel movements... ahem. If this scene were re-enacted today, the volkswagen would have rolled over the instant it tipped past 5 degrees and the Finnie would have been blocked in by thousands of screaming enthusiasts carrying big calico bags filled with Deutschmarks offering to purchase the magnificent black sedan. The gypsies in the camp would have also shot the VW drivers for destroying their pikey campsite. Everybody wins! WARNING! Contains Strong Finnie Destruction Scenes! Recommended for viewing by Mature Heckflosse enthusiasts only!

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