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Mercedes Viano Webspecial

For the new Mercedes a sphere is simply not round enough. A navigation that put heavy demands on Electric Umbrella/Hamburg. The navigation concept by Syzygy/Hamburg for the micro-site of the new Viano is based on a physical impossibility: the van travels through six globes, all with almost full spherical circumference. How could this be done? The solution: Uniform distortion of the landscape and the greatest possible presence of the vehicle. The process began with a layout for the route. To do so the extreme perspective already demanded special attention when making the models. The landscapes were therefore already prepared for their purpose. After creating the globes they were joined together endways so that they can be moved together on the longitudinal axis. At the end a deformation object was generated that forces all objects into a semispherical shell without distorting them too much as a result of too severe deformation.

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