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Mercedes Sprinter Mobile Office 2

Mercedes Sprinter Extra Long Wheel Base Van converted to a chauffeur-driven Luxury Van by Trimo in Bursa Turkey. Trimo Design pursues perfection in customizing and transforming the Sprinter Van into Luxury Conversions Vans, Executive Limousines, Presidential Editions, Corporate Limousines Vans, Mobility Vans, Passenger Vans and Mobile Office Vans that are truly one of the kinds.This Vehicle named as Mercedes Sprinter Mobile Office 2nd edition. There is specially equipped Luxury products makes enjoy travelling. It has leather VIP seats, Side Bar with electrically operated table, 32 inch LED Tv at partition front, 2 inch LED Tv at partition rear, minibar with fridge, loudspeakers, service units, individual reader lamps, led lights for interiror ambience...etc.

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