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Mercedes Sprinter - Back in Business

Regular viewers will know that the Sprinter has been losing water coolant in recent weeks, but without obvious and visible leaks. The Sprinter was booked into a local commercial Mercedes Dealer to diagnose the fault and / or repair. After 2 days in their workshop, the Sprinter was pulled out without anything being done to it in the way of repairs. Head gasket was suspected though. Because my van had been pulled from the workshop, no one could tell me when it would go back in again. So I took the van away to another local engine specialist - Phoenix Engines Ltd - who promptly got my van in on the following Monday morning. Now after almost 4 days in the Phoenix workshop, the head gasket has been replaced , the engine been rebuilt and we are now back in business once more... Thursday afternoon - 15th April 2010 Time to hit the road once again...

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